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  1. Cosmiclattice Unite

    Oh MY!
  2. Boston Bombs

    hoping everyone's okay
  3. things i like today.

    split pea soup how excited the little Habanero was to be in her "big girl shoes" today
  4. iPhone test

  5. things i like today.

    spring finally coming to NC watching baby sleep on monitor
  6. iPhone test

  7. spending time with the tiny habanero! and some llamas
  8. things i like today.

    Finally having an official date set for my defense! :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness: :bananamadness:
  9. things i like today.

    I'm sensing a theme here!
  10. Oliver Sacks books

    i've actually never read any.
  11. Describe things that annoy you

    bosses :angry2: :angry:
  12. Book Recommendations

    1. 3+6=9 2. I wish I had more time to read
  13. things i like today.

    SPATCHCOCK! long walks 60 degrees in Feb!
  14. The Next Generation cosmiclattice

    I will not stand for goats to be your.....um.....well.....scapegoat!
  15. Can we reinstitute the hole project?

    Location for Hole Project (aka, the house avacadolover and I are in the process of purchasing): perfect spot for "The Hole": oh and we got a new dog: Apollo the kitteh passed away, but don't worry Penny is still around: