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  1. Party like its 2011 !

    Is the fight on land or at sea?
  2. Happy Hour Starts at 3pm?

    I started around 530, but I'm a bit far away.
  3. 21 Questions, Part 8

    Did she get married?
  4. Wassup COSMICLATTICE!!!!

    I blame facebook. We're blaming facebook, right?

    You tell me? I guess this placed died when facebook got hot? then everyone just decided to post the stuff they used to post here on that?

    Wow, CL is back! I don't know why I thought to check it out again, because the last 75 x infinity times I looked here it was gone. But hi friends! WIGGUM
  7. Recession/Foreclosures/Greed

    here's what you need to know about mccain: 1) as of january 08, says that knowing what he knows now, he still would have invaded iraq in 2003. 2) bomb bomb iran (even if not serious, you can't have the leader of the u.s. being that fucking stupid) 3) he "hates gooks"
  8. Recession/Foreclosures/Greed

    Wiggum can tell.
  9. happy birthday wiggum

    aloha and thanks http://hawaii3-0.blogspot.com/
  10. things i like today.

    spending the winter in hawaii. aloha!
  11. Mmmmm Cake

    i was in indiana and i went to this greek diner with my grandpa and i had coconut cream pie and he had lemon merangue pie and it was good
  12. things i like today.

    all hopped up on...?? dr. pepper? but definitely chicken tenders from the junction and rice krispie treats.
  13. things i like today.

    it's a shame you started out so poorly.