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  1. Is the lattice the solution to facebook privacy issues?
  2. Merry Christmas 2009

    Good Merlinpeen to those of you that celebrate that. Belated Happy Hannukah to those of you that celebrate that. Good Kwanzaa tidings to those of you that celebrate that.
  3. Wassup COSMICLATTICE!!!!

    I think the lattice is officially dead. hand it over to the russians.
  4. The Next Generation cosmiclattice

    I will slay the meat goat if my demands are not met!
  5. things i like today.

    1. fun dogs 2. homemade sourdough bread
  6. Book Recommendations

    Re: watchmen i saw the trailer...and as a former comic book geek, I got intereted. but then I couldn't figure out exactly what books to get...any tips?
  7. The Next Generation cosmiclattice

    I've already written a Facebook app that sends everyone's forum posts to each other's walls. It's called cosmiclattice-to-wall-to-cosmiclattice-wall-to-wall. oh shit, bibble is on the ball!
  8. Book Recommendations

    hmmm, I like history also..
  9. Book Recommendations

    I will see if my local library has these..sound interesting. Dune is awful.
  10. Getting Tired of the Plurk Noise

    Not really. I don't like twitter that much either. Too 'web 2.0' for me.
  11. The Next Generation cosmiclattice

    welcome fordprefect...another friend of mine!
  12. The Next Generation cosmiclattice

    welcome bibble! *bibble is a friend of mine from my (now over) gaming world...an all around good egg*
  13. The Next Generation cosmiclattice

    hopefully it will be a place to share recipes for mud cakes as we descend in to the new great depression.
  14. happy bday b

    hope you have a good bday
  15. whoa

    we need to keep the war machine going somehow.